Mommy and Me Yoga!

Mommy & Me yoga starts Thursday November 10th 10:30-11:30am!

We will hold class every 2nd and 4th Thursday of the month.  Check the schedule online for class dates.

Get your practice in while baby moves alongside, explores the world around or sleeps! We’ll incorporate some simple postures for both you and your baby, along with some interactive songs and most importantly, savasana. Join us to move, breathe and unwind with baby. 

Welcoming babies and toddlers up to 2 years.

A single class is $20 and if you’d like to buy ‘monthly’ it is $35 for 2 classes. 

You can purchase ahead by going to the “Schedule” tab on this site, signing in to MindBody, and finding the class on the schedule and enrolling. 



Pre Natal Yoga Series!

New Session: Sunday January 8th through Sunday, February 26th.

Sign up for our 8 week prenatal yoga session!


12:45 – 2pm Sundays

$144 for 8 weeks
$20 for drop-in class

Preregistration is required.  To sign up, follow this LINK. (Or click on the “SCHEDULE” tab on our site.  Once redirected to our MindBody scheduling software, login and click on the “PRENATAL YOGA” tab along the top.  Register as prompted!)

What to expect:
A welcoming and safe environment to share and build community with expecting moms. Whether you’ve never practiced yoga before or regularly attend classes, you’ll find movement and breath to relax, renew and connect with baby. This course will help prepare your body for childbirth and provide breathing and relaxation tools to aid you in your delivery.

Each week during the dates above, Prenatal class will meet on Sundays from 12:45-2pm. We will spend the first 15 minutes sharing and talking about pregnancies, last doctor’s appointments, and discussing any questions/fears/issues that come up.  You are welcome to share as much or as little as you’d like! 

The next 45-50 minutes will be spent flowing through a pregnancy-appropriate vinyasa flow, with attention given to specific postures and breathing patterns that benefit a woman’s pregnant body and help prepare it for childbirth.  We will end with a nice long relaxation, using cushions and posters to help support and cradle the pregnant body.  

We look forward to this series and know that all who participate will agree that it’s one of the best things they did for themselves during this special time.

A little from Andrea:
As a fairly new mom, I find myself more aware of the inspiration I find from women juggling their families, personal growth, work, and more. I’m passionate about guiding people through movement and breath to feel better and to be better and it’s a perfect time to practice these principles while going through the physical and emotional changes that pregnancy brings. There is a lot of differing information out there on what we should and shouldn’t do while pregnant that can create uncertainty and often fear. While guiding a class I aim to help women let go and feel connected with their bodies; really observing how they are feeling as they move. 


Up to 3 missed classes can either be made up in a future prenatal session before your delivery or you are welcome to attend any regularly scheduled class at Bombay as a drop-in!





* Start your 30-Day Challenge on any day between October 1st and December 1st. You have until December 31st to complete.

*Practice 30 classes in 35 days. (The idea is 30 classes in 30 days, but we give you 5 extra days of wiggle-room to help facilitate your success!)

*You MAY practice more than once per day and take another day off, but you MUST practice 30 classes within the 35 days.  So YES, you can double or triple up on any day to get your classes in.

*During any scheduled “CLOSED DAY” at the studio, (Thanksgiving/Christmas, etc) that day will not count in the 35 days.  Ex:  If your 35 days include Christmas, you will technically have 36 days to complete.

*You may start your challenge on any day between October 1st and December 1st, it does NOT have to be the first of the month.  Ex: you can start on November 12th and finish on December 12th.

*After you complete, you will receive ONE MONTH UNLIMITED yoga at Bombay.  You will have 3 months to use this free month from the date of issue (the day you complete your challenge). No exceptions here.  
You MUST activate your free month within 3 months of completing your challenge and being rewarded your free month.

Participating in this challenge takes planning and cooperation with scheduling from your family and loved ones.  
If you’re considering it, talk to your spouse or family today about how they can help make this possible for you. 

Besides being rewarded with one month unlimited yoga for FREE, you will see a dramatic difference in your yoga practice, and be transformed, physically, mentally and emotionally.  


You will create relationships and friendships with other participants, as you will see them every day.  One of the best things about the challenge is the community that we see it builds! Doing this challenge is literally a life-changer.  You will be forever changed by signing up and completing the challenge!

When you’re ready to begin, simply tell the staff member at the studio that you want to begin on whichever date you choose.  


We will write your name down on our progress chart and help keep track with you.  


During your challenge, (or anytime) you can see your visit history and keep track by visiting our online software at

If you have any questions about the challenge, or the rules/details, please respond to this email or email Dagmara, (who will be keeping track of everyones progress) at