Yoga Etiquette


  1. Please remove your shoes before entering the yoga room.
  2. Arrive early enough to give yourself a few moments to sign in, and to center yourself and relax before the class begins. 10-15 minutes before class time is recommended. Arriving late to class, even by a few moments, can be disruptive to other students and the instructor. It can also be unsafe to join a yoga class in session, as your body and muscles are not yet warm.
  3. Please keep noise to a minimum. Talking during class is very distracting and is not permitted. Be mindful that people are coming to yoga to relax‚Äďand that yoga is a meditation in movement. Talking, joking, grunting, or any other noises (other than deep breathing) should be completely avoided.
  4. Please follow the general flow of the instruction. We encourage modifications of any posture, and will assist you in these modifications. If you feel that you are unable to follow the general flow of a class, please consider private sessions.
  5. Please commit yourself to staying for the full duration of the class. Leaving early is distracting and should be avoided. If you are unable to commit to the full length of the class, consider scheduling private sessions.
  6. Please inform your instructor of any injuries, illnesses, or limitations that may affect your yoga practice. Instructors may touch, adjust and assist you during your practice, so make them aware of any issues that may be of importance. If you are being touched and it does not feel good, please immediately ask the instructor to stop.
  7. If you sweat, that makes us happy! If your sweat (from your body or your water bottle) leaves a little puddle around your mat, please wipe it up as you leave.
  8. We suggest that you bring a yoga mat, a small towel, and water with you to class. We also sell/rent all of these items. If nothing else, bring an open mind!