Yoga Class Descriptions

When looking for a class that is a good fit for you, keep this in mind:  almost all of our classes are appropriate for any level.  All of our instructors are professionals who are trained and experienced working with all ability levels and offer modifications and challenges for each posture. This means that you can come to any class, and be confident that you will feel comfortable yet challenged.

Yoga is a personal practice, and the experience you have in class is largely up to you.  There are no rules or guidelines that you must follow.  We encourage our students to honor and listen to their bodies as they practice yoga.  This means that you should never feel pressured to keep up with the instructor or the rest of the class.  On the same token, if you want more of a challenge, and the instructor is not suggesting it, you have the power to step it up a notch and go deeper into a posture.

That being said, we recommend that you try as many different classes and instructors as you are able.  Every yoga instructor teaches differently, with a unique style and background, and it may take a few classes to find the style and instructor that you resonate with.  If you are a beginner, taking the beginner’s class is recommended, but not required.  Any class is appropriate for any ability level.   If you are recovering from an injury or illness, a slower-flow might be more suitable, but it is up to YOU to decide, so come to any and all classes and see what feels right.

Below is a loose description of what you can expect from the different classes at our studio.  Each instructor teaches differently, with the same goal in mind: to make you feel good.

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Hatha Yoga

Traditional Hatha yoga is a holistic yogic path, including disciplines, physical postures (asana), breathing (pranayama), and meditation. The Hatha yoga predominantly practiced in the West consists of mostly asanas, or physical exercises. It is also recognized as a stress-reducing practice.

In the Hatha classes at The Bombay Room, you can expect to start with relaxing pranayama (breathing exercises) to prepare the body and mind for your practice.  The aim is to set a foundation for deep relaxation.  We will then warm up the body with sun salutations.  Gentle Vinyasa is integrated as we move into standing and strengthening postures.  You can expect movements that include balancing, twisting, and stretching. Class winds down with gentle floor work, and ends in deep relaxation.

Vinyasa Flow

Vinyasa is a flowing style of yoga with its foundation in Ashtanga.  The asanas (postures) mirror those of Ashtanga, but are done in a free-flowing sequence.  Each instructor brings their own distinct style and sequence into their instruction.  Vinyasa means “breathe-synchronized movement”, so the postures are timed with the breath.  Vinyasa (or “Vinyasa Flow” or “Flow Yoga”) is fluid; each posture flows into the next, linked together with a series of movements also called a “Vinyasa” (plank, low plank, upward-facing dog, downward-facing dog).  The beauty of this class is that the sequence, or “flow”, can be different in each class, even with the same teacher.  The instructor can focus on different areas of the body from day to day, or modify instruction depending on the demographics of her class.  Vinyasa is appropriate for any ability level, from beginner to advanced practitioner.

For more about Vinyasa, click here.

Slow Flow

This is a Vinyasa Flow class, slowed down a bit.  Focusing on proper alignment and positioning, with deeper attention being paid to the foundation of your yoga practice, your instructor will guide you through the basics of Vinyasa Flow.  This class is also appropriate for an advanced practitioner looking to get back to basics and utilize a slower-paced class to focus on the fundamentals of his yoga practice.  In our Slow-Flow classes, you can expect a slower-paced Vinyasa Flow class (see description above).

Beginner's/Gentle Yoga

New to yoga?  Want to give it a try without feeling overwhelmed or intimidated?  This gentle class is perfect for the beginner yogi, or anyone who wants to get back to basics. If you are recovering from an injury or illness, or haven’t practiced yoga in some time, this is a great class for you.  Vinyasa is the foundation of this class, and focus is given to proper alignment, yoga terminology, breathe-work, and fundamentals that will build the groundwork for your personal yoga practice.  By moving at a slower-pace, using props, and breaking down each movement, we make every posture accessible to all students. Special attention is given to a proper Vinyasa

This is a perfect class if you are interested in trying yoga but unsure of what to expect or feel intimidated joining a more advanced class. This class is also appropriate for the yogi who wants to get back to basics and bring greater focus to proper alignment, or work out any other kinks that may be overlooked in a faster-paced class.

Hatha Flow

When you step onto your mat, you will be guided through breath awareness and connection with your body. The physical postures and sequence will be similar to a Vinyasa flow.  Using a harmonious and playful sequence, which will unfold and open your body to allow the free flow of energy, the instructor will challenge you to push yourself to your limit with mindfulness and understanding; a true yogi’s wisdom is to know its limitations and embrace what gifts are given to you from asana to asana. Increasing the heat in your muscles, expanding your lung capacity and raising your heart rate, this sequence will eventually wind down to give you the opportunity to find concentration and meditation, ultimately accessing Samadhi (absorption).

Yang/Yin Yoga

This class combines two different yoga practices, one which emphasizes breath-synchronized movement and builds muscle (Vinyasa Flow, also known as Yang) and one which emphasizes holding postures and stretches connective tissue.

The class begins with a focus on Yang and is intended to push your physical limits as you dynamically flow through poses. The class then transitions to Yin, focusing on passive yoga postures. By holding these passive yoga postures for five to seven minutes at a time, your joints rehabilitate through deep relaxation and letting go. Yin poses are low to the ground, harnessing the power of gravity to release tension. Yin relieves tight muscles and increases range-of-motion, providing for restoration and stress relief for both your body and mind.

Come, open up and experience the benefits!

Yin Yoga

A deep restorative class with floor sequences including some kneeling postures.

Addressing the opening and release of the major joints: deep spinal twists, profound shoulder and hip openers, to access the deeper layer of tissue (fascia).
Following a yin class, your body can feel deeply relaxed and often the effects of the release can last long after, releasing deep seated tension and emotions.  Come enjoy and discover as you unfold.

Power Hour

In this class, you can expect a good workout, in 60 minutes.  We will move through a dynamic Vinyasa Class, and save time at the end for a yummy savasana and meditation.  This is similar to our 90 minutes Vinyasa classes, just trimmed down a bit to fit into your busy day. 

Deep Mediatative Flow

Come, release tension and nurture your mind, body, and soul through focused alignment & conscious breathwork that promotes relaxation. Suitable for all levels, this class is the perfect blend of classic yoga in a slow-flow style, which will help you melt away what's finished and start a new week with a clean slate. Speaking of starting something new, expectant mothers are welcome! Because we practice consciously and with compassion, this class is also perfect when recovering from illness or injury.    
Meditation in motion - you will have an amazing night of sleep after this class!

Warm Vinyasa Flow

This great class is the same format as our other Vinyasa Flow classes, with a little more sweat! The room is NOT HOT, but a warm, to help open up the muscles and get deeper into your practice! You can expect the overhead fans to NOT be in use, and in the colder months, space heaters may be used.

Prenatal Yoga

What to expect:
A welcoming and safe environment to share and build community with expecting moms. Whether you’ve never practiced yoga before or regularly attend classes, you’ll find movement and breath to relax, renew and connect with baby. This course will help prepare your body for childbirth and provide breathing and relaxation tools to aid you in your delivery.

Each week during the dates above, Prenatal class will meet on Sundays from 12:45-2pm. We will spend the first 15 minutes sharing and talking about pregnancies, last doctor’s appointments, and discussing any questions/fears/issues that come up.  You are welcome to share as much or as little as you’d like! 

The next 45-50 minutes will be spent flowing through a pregnancy-appropriate vinyasa flow, with attention given to specific postures and breathing patterns that benefit a woman’s pregnant body and help prepare it for childbirth.  We will end with a nice long relaxation, using cushions and posters to help support and cradle the pregnant body.  

We look forward to this series and know that all who participate will agree that it’s one of the best things they did for themselves during this special time.

A little from Andrea:
As a fairly new mom, I find myself more aware of the inspiration I find from women juggling their families, personal growth, work, and more. I’m passionate about guiding people through movement and breath to feel better and to be better and it’s a perfect time to practice these principles while going through the physical and emotional changes that pregnancy brings. There is a lot of differing information out there on what we should and shouldn’t do while pregnant that can create uncertainty and often fear. While guiding a class I aim to help women let go and feel connected with their bodies; really observing how they are feeling as they move.